How many women are sexually abused as children?

The statistic that is constantly shown in the news and other media is the rate of women being sexually abused as children. The most shocking statistic is the rate of women being abused as adults. Of course, this still happens and many victims do not see it coming or believe that anything will change.

There are a lot of myths about why the abuse of women as children continues and one of them is that society as a whole does not accept it or even consider it as being acceptable. If women would report their assaults to the police and shelters for abuse they would be treated with respect. Sadly, many victims do not report their assaults because they do not want the shame or embarrassment of the authorities finding out about it and reporting them. They would rather just live with the terrible memories of what has happened to them and try to forget about it.

Another myth that exists about how many women are sexually abused as children is that it only happens to girls. While women are abused more often than men, it is true that the ratio is being tipped toward boys because of societal pressures to be like boys. Boys are considered more aggressive and violent than girls and are frequently targeted by those groups that prey on children.

What is really happening when a child gets the kind of treatment that can lead to sexual abuse? First, the victim becomes afraid of being hurt again. She may try to stay away from the situation as much as possible and may start to withdraw emotionally. She may also start to have problems with relationships and will begin to use her body and power in order to get what she wants. She may begin to engage in self-harm and drug and alcohol abuse.

It is important for anyone who cares about how many women are sexually abused as kids to take the time to discuss this matter with their children. Discussing it openly helps kids understand what they are going through and what can be done to help them through it. They can learn that being safe and being loved are always important. It is possible to overcome the trauma of abuse and move on. It is also possible to find healing and hope.

It is important to realize that not every child who experiences abuse develops PTSD. Some children do not suffer from it and instead may develop depression and anti-social behaviors. If a child does not suffer from physical or sexual abuse, he or she might suffer from stress and anxiety. These children might turn to drugs and alcohol in an effort to alleviate the symptoms of abuse. As a parent it is important to try and encourage these kids to talk and express their feelings. Sometimes it is better to draw them out of the situation rather than trying to force them to talk about it.

Many young girls become victims of sexual abuse at an early age. They may not know what to do or where to turn. There are many support groups for victims of any type of abuse. They can be very helpful in developing a healthy sense of self worth and a sense of security. They can also offer advice and emotional support.

Girls need to be encouraged and supported in any way possible. They need to know that they are not alone and that they do not have to live through their lives without any means of escape. No one should be expected to go through abuse alone. We can all do something to prevent children from being abused. Educating our children, particularly our girls, from early on, that sex abuse is not acceptable is an important step in preventing many of the problems that arise today regarding sexual abuse and women.